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Free Beep Test Web App


Introducing My Free, No-Download Beep Test App!

I wanted to share something I've been working on for my kid. If any of you have tried, you'll know that finding a simple, advert-free, hassle-free, sign-up-free beep test app can be a challenge. That's why I decided to create my own Free Beep Test app, and the best part is, it's completely free and you don't need to download it from the App Store!

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Why a Beep Test App?

The beep test, also known as the shuttle run test, is a great way to measure cardiovascular endurance. Participants run back and forth between two markers 20 metres apart, matching their pace with a series of beeps. It starts off easy but gets tougher as the beeps come faster. It's a common fitness test used in schools, sports teams, and even the military.

What Makes This App Special?

I built this app because I wanted something straightforward and user-friendly without the hassle of ads or in-app purchases. Here's what you can expect:

How to Use It

Using the app is really simple. Just open the link, and you're ready to go. For the best experience, you can add it to your home screen on your Android or iOS device. This way, you get a seamless, full-screen experience. To do this, just tap the menu icon in your browser and select "Add to Home Screen."

Why I’m Sharing This

Creating this app was a fun project, and I hope it helps others who are looking for a hassle-free beep test solution. Whether you're a teacher, coach, parent, or just someone looking to improve their fitness, I think you'll find it useful and I hope you like it.

Feel free to check it out, and let me know what you think! Your feedback would be really valuable as I look to make improvements and possibly add more features in the future.

Thanks for reading, and happy testing!

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