Vivaldi - A new (tech preview) browser for the web

I'm writing this post via the a browser, Vivaldi, which is from some of the team that brought Opera to market back in 1995.

Disgned to be something different from the current offerings by giving the user somme "enhancing" (though probably for power users) not available via other browsers (without the need of plugins):

Its nice to have something shiny and new and even though this is still a tech preview I am already missing the somewhat common (to Firefox and Chrome) shortcuts like +1, +2, +3 etc to jump directly to a tab, ⇧++T to re-open a last tab. I also can't seem to dock the the developer toolbar which is annoying (unless I am missing something).

For now it feels like a massive Opera upgrade and as good as that browser was for some users it never sat well with me. I'll keep this nearby for now but its no FF/Chrome replacement yet.