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Learn how to use the Terminal

It may sound strange, but eventhough CLI stuff sounds like an isolated environment, it is an extremely social playground. Since the eighties, billions of users have helped eachother improving their skills, to get things done faster.However, there was never a playground for sharing this live, but only peeking over the shoulder of your neighbour (or a *N*X screen -x session).

PLAYTERM wants to restore the actual 'live' feeling, which was once established in the BBS scene. There, the BBS'es system operators could 'takeover' a users's session..and show him the way around, or teach him a new programming language

I can't remember how but I stumbled upon the other day and have slowly been making my way through the vids. I run my servers form the linux command line but I know what I need to know so this is well worth the bookmark.

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