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Developing with NodeJs starting links

I've been playing around with NodeJs for a little bit recently and rather than rehashing a lot of peoples good work i've done a brain dump of my recent bookmarks which have helped me the most.

Don't forget that with NodeJs its development is moving fast (being a pre v1 release) so always make sure you've run updates and checked docs for recent changes.

NodeJs and packages

Installing Node.js via package manager
Building and Installing Node.js
High performance, high class web development for Node.js

Tools etc

Eclipse based Developer Tools for Java (from Google)
A javascript bundle for Texmate which include jsLint and a beautifier

Articles, guides etc

The Node Beginner Book Once #NodeJs is installed this is the place to start!
Best practices and gotchas with v8 (NodeJs) | Try/Catch blocks can be expensive inside functions
Node.js Manual & Documentation
Introduction to npm - How To Node - NodeJS
Post on using Eclipse as Node Applications Debugger
DZone Refcarz: Node.js: Building for Scalability with Server-Side JavaScript
Express web development framework from


Node.js mailing list!forum/nodejs
Keen an eye what people are doing via twitter
#nodejs @ Twitter
How To Node - a community supported blog