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A comment on using CFParam inside a CFFunction

This is a response/comment to Steve Goods post named: Using CFParam Inside a CFFunction. Its turned into a blog post because, well I suppose I am looking for a wider feedback on my thoughts.

When it comes to using <cfparam> in a <cffunction> I would never of even contemplated it up to a few weeks ago, mainly because of the framework I was using gave me other ways of checking of variables existence.But I've moved over to Framework One (FW/1) which uses the tag in its controllers for some of the demos and I've now adopted this in to my recent code.

This then got me thinking that I cannot find a solid case reason as to write

if ( NOT StructKeyExists(myVar, "somekey") ){myVar.someKey = "0";}else if ( NOT isNumeric( myVar.somekey ) ){throw();}

when cfparam does that all in one go with basic type checking aswell.

You could wrap the if() logic in a function to be used but then aren't you just adding an extra layer to your code to do something CF already handles?

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