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Fridays Joke- 10 fingers

Its been a couple of weeks since the last Fridays joke as I've been crazy busy recently. I have also been following the recents bits of info leaking out as ColdFusion 9 and Bolt ColdFusion Builder have been doing the rounds at the UG's recently, so now is as good as time as ever to check out your local user group. Enjoy!

Paddy was working at the fish plant in Cork when he accidentally cut off all 10 of his fingers.

He went to the emergency room in Cork 's hospital.

The doctor looked at Paddy and said, 'Lets be avin' da fingers and I'll see what oi can do'.

Paddy said, 'Oi haven't got da fingers.'

'Whadda ya mean you haven't got da fingers? Lord Tunderin' Jesus, it's 2009! We's got microsurgery and all kinds of incredible techniques. I could have put dem back on and made you like new! Why didn't ya bring da fingers?!?'

And Paddy said, ' How da hell was I 'spose to pick them up !!!

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