Time Machine over wifi without Time Capsule

One of the points I liked about Airport Extreme was the fact it had a USB port to add an external Hard Drive. Cool. Then came along Time Machine with Leopard and I thought even better I can now back up my MBP from anywhere to my 500GB external drive. Sadly that wasn't the case as TM didn't like network shares especially over wifi.So as it stood I was plugging in to the usb HD from time-to-time to back up. Then a keynote speech later and Time capsule ... "my" idea is finally realised by Apple but wait a second ... I don't want to fork out for something I have albeit not in one shiny white box. (its one shiny box and a black western digital box). So realising that you can do it I did some google and came across the following hidden featuredefaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1Running that command from the Terminal will allow TM to see your network sharesLike i said though its hidden and hidden really equate to unsupported and could be dropped at any point/update. But for now its working fine.Now if the restrictions on 802.11n can be lifted in the UK I could appreciate faster transfers.