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I wouldn't steal a car but I do download movies is a site set up to counter act the propagandamessage from media company's that downloading a movie is that same as stealing a car, handbag, or even shoplifting.The Greens|European Free Aliance is a European parliamentary group made up of Greens and representatives of stateless nations ("regionalists"). Their argument is that sharing movies online does not equate to stealing and instead of spending money on adapting laws why not look into viable legal alternatives! The problem that the movie industry has is that it is run by people who do not understand current technology/trends and while they were counting their money technology past them by. People are downloading now and always have been, the question these company's should be asking themselves is not "how to stop it" but "how to make it work for us?"
To protest against the faulty propaganda from the industry, we[The Greens|European Free Aliance] made our own film. The difference is – you can choose whether you want to watch this on
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