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Fridays Joke- Age appropiate

Thanks for Scott Stroz for sending in this age related joke as my age turned to the dark side yesterday (30) A young man goes to a golf club to play a quick round. To his dismay, he is paired with an 85 year old man. The yong man feels that the old man will slow him down, but much to his delight, the old man keeps up. The old man hit the ball straight down the fairway every time. During the round, the old man would offer unsolicited advice to the young man, but the young man never heeded the advice, and usuaully wound up in trouble.On the 18th hole, the yong man hit his tess shot to the right and found a large tree between himself and the hole. As he is assessing his situation and trying to decide whether he hold go over the tree or under it, the old man walk up and says, "When I was your age, I hit the ball right over that tree". The young man think that finally the old man has point, so he choose the appropriate club, sets up and takes his shot. He hits a perfect shot and just as he thinks that maybe he should have listen ed to the old man all day, his ball hits the top of the tree and drops straight down. The old man, as he walks away, then says, "Of course, when I was your age, that tree was 4 feet tall"
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