Scotch Railo on the rocks

The last session of yesterday which I didn't get a chance to blog about, due to discovering the free <cf_beer>, was Railo on the Rocks.Gert spent the first part of session detailing what Railo is and how its changing from the 1.1 beta to the 2.0 version due to a change in the underlying architecture. He then went on to explain some of the key differences with the Railo administration functions, and how it offers more control to the overall server admin, which then cascades down into individual admin account per web context (domain/web site). Next was resources. Resources at the heart are mappings with one key differnce the mapping no longing has to be a physical drive. You could apply a mapping to an FTP account even a zip file. With an FTP account mapped you can then use cffile action="write" to upload file specifying the destination as your mapping! No need to go near the dreaded <cfftp>I'm now waiting for part two today.