Encrypt and cfZip Example

I've modified the ColdFusion 8 livedocs version of Encrypt() to include:
  1. uploading a file e.g. .CSV
  2. reading contents and encrypting
  3. Zip the new encrypted file
It could probably do with some refinement as I was just using it for some generic testing tonight. Hope it comes in useful.

Encrypt and Zip Example

Encrypted details

The algorithm: #Form.myAlgorithm#

The key: #theKey# (- save this, it's uniquely generated per encryption')

Click the link to download the zip file with the encrypted file in it

Encrypt new file

Select the encoding
  • Base64: the Base64 algorithm, as specified by IETF RFC 2045.
  • Hex: the characters A-F0-9 represent the hexadecimal byte values.
  • UU: the UUEncode algorithm (default).
Select the algorithm
  • AES: the Advanced Encryption Standard specified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FIPS-197.
  • DES: the Data Encryption Standard algorithm defined by NIST FIPS-46-3.
  • DESEDE: the "Triple DES" algorithm defined by NIST FIPS-46-3.
Upload CSV file