Don't fly with FLYBE!!

Be warned RANT COMING! Just got to Edinburgh airport to find out my flight to Southampton is CANCELLED. WTF! According to the staff there is no "official response" but its probably down to staff shortage. Funny that, and on a Friday night no doubt there loyal staff are out on the piss-up.I should of been landing at 10:10pm. Now i've got to fly to Birmingham, then get a coach down which according to Google is a 132 mile journey (about 2 hours 22 mins). Really its gonna be more like 3-3.5 hours coach journey. So I should be getting in about 2am now. NICEI said "stick me on a flight to Gatwick" its closer for me. "We can't do that, we have no planes going there. Like I care, "stick me on any plane". "We can't. You do get £7.50 for a meal though". That really helps. Which I have to spend in one go as I don't get change from it. AARRGGHHH!!! I understand this happens (well not really), but what has annoyed me the most is that the FlyBe staff were so casual. "Yeah we've had a couple of flights cancelled today cause of no staff". Get agency in. The didn't even offer any kind of condolence with sincerity. Right, i'm just random ranting now. Time to get a bite to eat. Don't fly with FLYBE ever!