World Cup facts

Ok so I said i'm staying away then do two posts about the World Cup. I promise last one (for a little while) :o) But I thought these facts were quite amazing:

5,000,000,000: Viewers expected to watch the games
$100,000,000: Estimated cost of voice and data network deployed by Avaya
3,500,000: RFID embedded tickets
45000: Estimated number of network connections for TV production
2200: Hours of feeds produced
2000: Staff of TV productions
2000: Press, commentators
1300: Kilometers of cable for 12 venues
800: Camera positions
750: kilometers of audio/video cables
736: Players
100: Fujinon HD lenses deployed
70: TV studios
64: Number of matches broadcast in HD for 2006 FIFA World Cup
64: Total number of matches played
48: Matches broadcast in HD for previous World Cup (2002)
25: HD cameras used to cover each match (per stadium)
20: Outside broadcast trucks
14: Panels on current FIFA football
12: Cities hosting matches
9: PanAmSats used to send HD signal worldwide
6: Number of television directors
1: Pool feed for broadcasters

Fact from Gizmodo