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Whats your Gravatar?

Gravatar Since updating my blog ive been looking through some of the Gravatars for a laugh (I am busy, i promise!) and mainly to see what people choose for themselves. Mine is Marvin the Martian from the Bugs bunny cartoons. For anyone who has known me long enough will just know that he's always there in some form (just check out my Favicon). If you don't know what a Gravatar is you've probably just not realised you've seen them as anyone who is on BlogCFC v5 should have them enabled. They are little avatar(images) next to their name in the comments.To get one is simple, its a free service by Gravatar and works by having your selected avatar images held in one central location. By using your email address as a form of identification the the blog software is able to pull your image from the server. So whats yours?? Leave a comment (or joke) and let the world see!
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