Need help with os x and proxies

Its not often I use my blog to ask for help but on this one I think it might be the quickest option as searching Google and forums has returned nothing and I know I have a couple of die hard mac readers out (dont I) :o) Im currently behind my works proxy which I know works fine as I can manually config the proxy servers in Firefox and browsing and FTP works.But when I go to system pref>network>config and set up the FTP and HTTP proxies the FTP doesnt seem to work at all. Safari can use the http setting fine.But trying to FTP from the terminal or programs such as Cyberduck and transmit fail to connect. Plus I can't connect to any external MySQL services either.The proxy is definately working. In fact its worked before (then I reset my locations) just not now.p.s. the domain is simply just companyname01 port 8080.Cheers