MySQL updated GUI tools

This is a little of a double post. First off MySQL have finally gotten around to updating there Gui tools, and secondly they have released a Universal binaries for the Mac. They have now changed the download format into one downloand that includes:What is cool though is the last item! The Health widget is brilliant. You can see running graphs for; traffic in, out, selects, inserts, updates, queries in general, and connections. At the moment I've got this hooked up to my live MySQL DB so i can Monitor that. Also updated is the Query Browser. Since moving over to the Mac (all of a week and a bit, I know!) I've missed the Query browser. I've tried Cocoa, and Navicat but could never really get into them. I know some people say it has been buggy, but it was generally well behaved on my PC.Whats also nice about using these tools is that they are free, and across platforms you can keep the same style of app for MySQL development. Check them out at: