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Flex bean wizards and Model Glue bean maker

I came across a problem which meant that the beans created with the Flex RDS plugging for Eclipse wasn't suitable for use with Model Glue.If you use the new RDS feature to create beans you'll notice that the setters look like this:

Eclipse find replace dialogue boxThis is fine, but the problem with this is that the MG bean maker (CollectionBeanMaker.cfc) expects the name of the argument to be the name of the field, in this case "firstname".I did post this on the MG List and Sean Corfield said he was going to see if this could be fixed for the next beta. In the mean time if you have a large bean file the following regex code will clean of the cfc. From the Find/Replace menu tick "regular expressions"

In the find dialogue box put(.*?)(\\n)(.*?)And in the replace box put:$1$2$3

You can find out a little more about regex and back validatin in Eclise here at Adam Howitt's Blog

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