CFDevCon UK here I come!

WooHoo! I've finally got myself a ticket to my first CF conference, the CFDevCon. My ticket is booked along with my room in the Fairfield Hotel for the 9th November 2006.

It looks like it should be a good day with some of the topics covering API's, BlueDragon, CFEclipse and Fusebox. Also quite excited about the footnote on the site saying Starting from 2007 we are planning some much larger conferences covering other technologies such a ASP.NET, Web Services, XML, AJAX, web 2.0 and much more, with tracks teaching you how to leverage these technologies and integrate them with CFML. Watch this space.

If you haven't seen it don't worry. You still have a few days left for the early bird discounts, though be warned it is limited to 400 people: