Crazy insurance

Totally OT but i wanted to make people aware of some simple simple! savings and crazy going-onsI had my Motor Insurance renewal come through the post this morning. It had gone down quite a bit but i thought i'll still go and look online. The first site i checked out was theirs (we'll call them X). I know that X offers a 10% discount online but i assumed because my original cover was taken online it would be passed over with the cover. Well as you can guess i was wrong. By going online i've saved myself another £30.60p ($56.40)Not wanting to go through the hassle of cancelling this policy and taking out another with the same company i called X's "Renewal Hotline" and explained what just happened. Their repsonse
"As you get the 10% discount going online we can't beat that here[at HQ]. If you want i can cancel the renewal of this policy for you so you can take out our online cover."
"Ok"So now im off to go and fill out my details again on X's website again but at least i save £30.60p