Test your site with Linux browser

Let me just say that at heart im a windows users, mainly cause its been the only enviroment that ive been in. Only recently have i started to venture into the Linux world. With a bit of a rocky start i now have a PC at work running Mandrake 9.2 with Apache 2. Anyway, this morning i stumbled upon MandrakeMove. WOW, if you want to delve into Linux this is a good way to go. The complete package runs from the CD, to point that you dont even need a HD in you machine to run. I wont go into full spec of what you can do here as it is all clearly stated on the site. But while playing i've just come across one big bonus for me. Cross browser testing. For the first time now at home (with a rebooot) i can test my sites on Linux (wow what a difference). If they could do something similar for Mac, happy days.

By the way, to any linux developers out there, what IDE do you use for CF?

Quick note: one annoyance so far is that it defaults to a USA keyboard layout and being in the UK i cant get over the @ being at SHIFT>2, and you dont have a single key for #, you have to use SHIFT>3, thats gotta be annoying for CF developers.