CFEclipse feature polls

I just picked up the current polls from the mailing list for the next set of items to be implemented in CFEclipse:
  1. Selected text doesn't allow drag and drop. (9)
  2. Block indent unindent enhancement (7)
  3. Project-wide CFC/function gathering (6)
  4. () {} Bracket Highlighting (6)
  5. CFC Browser enhancement (5)
  6. SQL Color Coding (4)
  7. Ctrl-DoubleClick on tags selects tag (3)
  8. CSS insight. (3)
  9. CFML comments (3)
  10. Code folding feature would make CFEclipse a complete ColdFus (3)

Voting closes around the 11th/12th October 2004. I know this has been mentioned already but i just want to add that if you use and CFEclipse you should be voting for the next items to be implemented. To vote goto and register, you will need the Observer role for the CFE project. Then goto and start registering for the feature you want to see next. And while you are there don't forget about the Mailing Lists.