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No onRequestEnd without Application

So i learnt something new today. My development enviroment is Win 2000pro and CFMX 6.1 but im uploading to CF4.5(upgrading soon) . This doesnt cause too much problem but sometimes you get to learn something, like today.Ive created my own set of what i call Developement Notes, basically while the site is in a "alpha stage" these notes are appended to the bottom of each page for clients to add bits and let me know of any changes. Of course im using onRequestEnd for this.

So i uploaded the site only to find that onRequestEnd wasn't being run? I checked locally, everything fine. Its was then that thought about using Application.cfm (sorry no logical thinking on this one) and voila it worked. Just afterwards I went Googling to see if i could find out why and i couldnt so if anyone has any insight as to why i need Application.cfm for 4.5 this would be cool.