Be affraid, be very afraid

So i think all of us have been following the Eola case closely to find out the outcome, and i think for once Microsoft has the majority backing on this. BUT, this isnt the worst patent out there. If you get a chance check out, actually, please, just go there, its an amazing patent, sure brilliance. This is there claim:
"If you use graphical and textual information on a video screen for purposes of making a sale" and (yes there's more) "accept information to conduct automatic financial transactions via a telephone line & video screen" then you are infringing on their copyright.
So be warned, as the site says "you may be next." In the meantime i live/work/develop in the UK so im feeling pretty safe here at the moment, but my concerns now is how long before this becomes a global epidemic and everyone is trying to jump on this band wagon?