Fleksy + GIF Keyboard Free

Fleksy and the GIF keyboard is free for a week on Android, get it now on the Play store »

FizzBuzz in CFML

Reading an article on testing in interviews and it mentioned the Fizzbuzz test. If you haven't heard of this its simply: Loop from 1 to 100. »

Vivaldi : A new (tech preview) browser for the web

I'm writing this post via the a browser, Vivaldi, which is from some of the team that brought Opera to market back in 1995. Disgned to »

ES6 Compatibility chart

Trying to find out if Firefox 37 or Chrome 40 supports that ES6 function yet? Check out http://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6/ for a comprehensive »

10 free stock photos monthly from Death To Stock Photos

This is an amazing project if you are a blogger, developer, designer, writter etc when looking for great quality, unique photos. Personally I've just signed up »

HTML Entities of Apple symbols

Something to bookmark incase they are needed  :  ( Apple ) ⌘ : ⌘ ( Command ) ⇧ : ⇧ ( Shift ) ⌃ : ⌃ ( Control, Ctl, Ctrl ) ⌥ »

ValidateThis error on Lucee

The property * * * was not found in the object passed into the validation object. If you've moved to Lucee and use ValidateThis then you might want to »

Railo is dead, long live Lucee

If you've missed the launch and twitter chatter then you might not know about the new CFML engine in town that's a fork of Railo called »

Apache won't start on Mac Yosemite (or another OS)

After finally getting around to updating Yosemite on my Mac Apache started being a headache. Initially it had commented out my Virtual Hosts includes line in »

Remove Google Plus contacts from the birthday calendar

TL;DR Don't hide the calendar but customize your circles. There is so much to dislike about G+ but the one real annoying factor is that »