Node.js examples on Github

For anyone just starting in node.js or playing around with it I am added my exmaples to a github project at »

Installing Current And Previous Packages Via NPM

When coming from Java/CFML to Node.js one of the first tools you come across is the package manager. This allows you to download/add »

New blog, old domain

I had moved over to but as fun as that was setting up a static site I just wanted a more simple »

Node.js Style Guide

Node.js style to help you/team keep consistent which I'm happy about as it generally follows a style I prefer This »

UK IPhone users profile

An interesting breakdown of iPhone users in the UK and their habbits including the fact that 7.8% of UK iPhone users still run a 1st »

The 11,868 devices that Android app has to work on

With the iPhone 5s being uninspiring, and my Nexus 7 growing on me I've been looking at a move away from Apple for my phone recently, »

RoaringApps crowd-sourced compatibility information for OS X and iOS

If making the jump to Mavericks have a look at for compatibility of your apps.RoaringApps crowd-sources application compatibility information for OS X and »

HTML drop-downs for international calling codes for each country

Just a quick snippet to share (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); »

Export BlogCFC to Ghost blogging platform

I've been thinking about moving my blog of to Node.js for a while but with the daunting task at hand i've been procrastinating. Along come »

Express.js and Hogan templates on Github

I've just uploaded to Github and Express.js template using Hogan. It actually uses Hogan-express which is a Mustache template engine for Express 3.x. that »